Later Than It Has Ever Been!


A man named Thorvaldsen was a great sculptor. His piece entitled "The Sacrifice Of Iphigenia" is seen by many as one the world's great works of art. Later in his life he was asked, "What do you considered your greatest work of art?" Thorvaldsen replied, "My next one!"

In business we must be like the great artist. We can never sit still and feel that we have arrived. A business has only two "gears" – Forward and Reverse – there is no neutral. We must press on and seek to do better. One day a rooster walked over to a fence and saw a huge ostrich egg in the yard of the neighboring farm. He went to the hen house, led the hens over to the fence and showed them the egg. Then he said, "Look girls, I am not complaining, I just want to show you what some others are doing."  In business, we must decide to watch others or lead the way.

Unless we do our best, we get less than we expect and no less than we deserve. One night the clock in a farmer's house chimed 13 times. The old man woke up his wife and said, "Wake up wife, it is later than it has ever been before." Unless we keep moving forward in business, we will wake up and find that it is too late!

Doing your best does not assure success, but doing less than your best assures failure.