Your Home Owners Association (HOA) and what you should know

One of the first home owners association was put in place by a real estate agent to manage and sell a housing development. It would transfer partial ownership to the home owners after selling many of the lots. This became very popular in about the early 1960's. The laws for these associations are different from state to state, and some states have absolutely no laws for these associations. Massachusetts is one of those states without laws in this regard.
Because the home owner own a part of the development, it is basically governed by them, as well. They have a board, they vote of issues, and they elect officials of the association. There are dues, also. Dues are scheduled to increase mant times over a period of time.  The association gets to even vote about who can live in the development. After a person or family has qualified for the loan to purchase the home, they are voted in, or not, as part of the neighborhood.
There is sometimes a neighborhood watch system in place, as well. Since it can be a tight knit community, the neighbors feel a sense of responsibility to keep their children and elderly safe. They may take turns watching different areas of the complex or development at different times of the day or night. The often do this with the awareness of the local police department, so that if help is needed, the police are ready to serve that community. If the development is in a gated community, one of more security guards handle this job.
The dues cover the security, as well as the common maintenance areas. This can include landscaping, such as mowing and edging the lawn, and keeping it green and weed-free. And there may be garden maintenance, as well, so that all can enjoy the smell of roses as they walk the walkways and sidewalks. The shrubbery is also kept neat and manicured. If the sidewalks, driveways, or streets need repair, this is also included, as is leaf blowing, snow removal, and the like.
There is a sense of community when you are a part of a home owners association. The becomes the only neighborhood worth caring about since it is your neighborhood. If your neighbors are clean and considerate, it can be the best place in America to live. If they are not, it can often become a nightmare to be a part of that neighborhood. You do, however, have a voice, unlike a neighborhood without an association. As a member, you can vote on different laws, or submit suggestions for new ones. If your suggestion for a new law is in the best interest of the entire HOA community, the new law will most likely pass. But even the neighbors that you don't get along with will be voting, as well. So, this is not always the answer.
Today there is a form of housing called CIDs, or common interest developments, in the United States. This includes single family homes, condos, co-ops, and planned unit developments. In the year 2006, the home owners association groups governed twenty three million homes in America, including fifty seven million residents. 
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