How ARC's Keep Your Home Value Stable


Wondering what an ARC is or why it exists? ARC stands for Architectural Review Change, which explains exactly what it is. Whenever a homeowner wants to make a change in the exterior of their yard, they are required to fill out an ARC form. The form is then reviewed by the HOA management company and Board members of their community. The Board of Directors makes sure any exterior changes to a home are in compliance with the association’s declarations. This keeps homeowners from negatively impacting the community in regards to its appearance. A few steps for homeowners that desire to add or modify the exterior of their property are listed below.

Filling Out The ARC Form: When filling out the ARC form, homeowners need to make sure they explain exactly what they want. A straightforward and precise description of the architectural change helps the ARC committee make a knowledgeable decision. Some of the details such as paint color, necessary permits, materials, plans of the work, and a timeline of completion should be attached to the form. This will allow the board to accept or reject the change in a speedy manner, and ultimately keep the homeowner from a lot of headache.
Being Familiar With Governing Documents: It is the homeowner’s responsibility to be aware of their specific governing documents. Every community has their own policies and guidelines, and it is suggested that residents are up-to-date with their community’s regulations. While some associations allow their Board of Directors a month to review and decide, homeowners should know their specific timeline so they can plan accordingly. The decision upon a homeowner’s request should be mailed to them with a denial or approval. Luckily, if a request is denied, the Board will include reasoning behind the decision and provide ways for the exterior change to occur.
Filing For Protection: A homeowner should keep any communication between their association’s board members and management company organized and on file. If a problem should arise, the homeowner can bring out the request and show the approval. This will keep any confusion or misunderstandings from escalating. All of these procedures not only help to preserve order in the community, but also allow the freedom for reasonable modifications to the homes.
By Cedar Management