Having the Right Software Can Make All the Difference


Budget season is just around the corner, and now is the time to consider setting aside funds to implement industry-specific software such as Condo Manager for your management company or self-managed community association.

For single associations, this means allocating funds for software during the budgeting process. You still have several months to implement a new system before the start of 2013. Just imagine starting the new year with the advantage of having software created specifically for your field.
If you’re in the association management industry, you know that the competition is higher now than ever. Fall is the season when many management contracts expire and come up for renewal. Board members will begin looking for management companies, and having an edge over the competition is a must. Condo Manager can give your management company the advantage it needs to impress potential clients and keep your current clients happy.
For management companies, having the right software in place will allow to you demonstrate your capabilities to prospective associations. People can tell when your reports are generated by a standard accounting package. Condo Manager allows you to customize and fully brand your reports, so that each association you manage gets a custom financial report.
Condo Manager allows you to track homeowner data, keep up with maintenance and architectural requests, track violations, and has a full accounting suite with everything needed to oversee an association’s financials. Our software makes HOA management simpler by organizing everything into one easy to use platform that automates many of the tedious tasks that you perform every day and keeps a record of all your management activities.
Condo Manager also has a reputation for being one of the most user-friendly software solutions in the industry. Our dedicated team of support professionals can bring you up to speed on all the latest tools and features.
There are many factors that go into finding the right software solution. It’s important to review your needs as a management company to determine the best fit.
This article is provided by Condo Manager.