Does Our Community Need A Property Management Company?


Many communities are unsure if they need a management company to oversee their association. Here are a few tips to help determine when associations should hire an HOA management company:

Some smaller communities can easily manage themselves. Most of the residents in the community will volunteer to keep the neighborhood looking pleasant and plan social events, like block parties. When a larger HOA is in the picture, hiring a professional HOA management company starts to make more sense.
It’s important to remember that board members are volunteers. They usually have their own lives and find it very difficult to handle all of the responsibilities that come with managing a large community. They find it much easier when a qualified HOA management company comes alongside them to keep property values as high as possible and help maintain an attractive appearance.
An HOA management company can administer many benefits for a homeowners association. These services encompass:
Hiring Vendors – An HOA can have trouble finding a vendor that has good pricing and works efficiently. When an association has an HOA management company, the management firm handles the hiring of vendors and makes sure maintenance issues do not go unaddressed. Most vendors enjoy working alongside management companies; they know the community is managed well and that they will get paid on time.
Communicating Openly – A professional HOA management company does not just enforce rules and policies, they make sure to listen to the opinions and concerns of community members. A management company feels it is very important that everyone in the community is comfortable voicing their ideas and ensuring open communication with any homeowner.
Managing Consistently – When policies and rules need to be enforced, an unbiased management company is sure to treat all homeowners and residents fairly. When problems arise, the management will deal with them immediately. Equal enforcement is very important in today’s world, where both homeowners and Boards of Directors are quick to resolve their issues with litigation.

Dealing With Legal Issues – Most HOA management companies have knowledge regarding statutes that involve homeowner associations. They know how to deal with legislation and when to implement other methods to resolve an issue. A professional management company normally has good relationships with law firms, helping your community and its members stay on track with legal issues.

Administering Clear Expectations – Many members of a community do not understand or are uninformed of their association’s governing documents – the CC&R’s, bylaws, and other policies enforced within their community. An HOA management company will clarify and help your Board of Directors understand how to interpret and enforce their governing documents.

These are just a few of the many benefits communities experience with the help of an experienced property management company. If your association has been considering a new management firm, we encourage you to contact our friendly staff. At Cedar Management Group, association management is our passion. We will be glad to talk with you and discuss the best options for your community.

By Cedar Management