Community Management: Ways to Share HOA News


Successful community management is all about proactively communicating in a two-way fashion.  The homeowners association (HOA) board needs to keep the members regularly informed.  And, they also need to solicit input from the members and listen to homeowner feedback.
Fortunately, the HOA has a whole stable of communication channels available to use.  Here’s a list of the more popular ways to share HOA news:

  • The Internet has opened a whole world of fast, easy and affordable communication.  Depending on the nature of the news, HOA boards can e-mail information to members.  Or, they can post news on the community websites.  Websites offer a wealth of information in one convenient location.
  • Regularly distributed newsletters provide another avenue for pertinent information.  Newsletters can be in printed or electronic formats or both.
  • News can be posted on message boards located in community places.  In addition to posting, flyers can be placed in containers for homeowners to retrieve.
  • Meetings should have time allotted for announcements from both the board and homeowners.

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