Community Management: Five Ways to Transform Your Community

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Homeowner association (HOA) board members can make a difference in their neighborhoods by following these five community management tips:
1.  Create a Vision – Board members can provide and seek input regarding what the ideal neighborhood should look like.  As the brainstorming continues among board members and residents, a vision will begin to surface and a statement can be developed.
2.  Focus on Achieving Core Goals – The vision statement provides a high-level road map to help plot the board’s short- and long-term goals.
3.  Communicate With Residents – To encourage participation, HOA boards must keep residents informed and involved throughout the transformational process
4.  Cultivate Leaders – To help keep the HOA vibrant, the board should develop formal succession plans to groom potential new leaders and plan the transfer of valuable information.
5.  Don’t Give Up – Accomplishing the HOA’s goals will take time, hard work, creativity and a lot of commitment of the board and residents.
Working together, the HOA will be transformed into a community where everyone wants to live – and the neighborhood of every member’s dream.  Continue to read the Associated Asset Management Blog for information about Community Management.
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