Community Pride

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Pride can be a dangerous thing. We all remember the Biblical reference that states, “Pride goes before the fall.” Take for example a customer who walked into a pet shop. He ambled over to a parrot in a cage and asked the bird, "Hey, Stupid, can you talk?" The bird answered, "Sure can, Dummy. Can you fly?"

When it comes to your community however, pride is positive and important issue. Taking pride in the surroundings of your home, and the homes of your neighbors, is not only beneficial for your overall well-being, it is critical to your financial bottom line. Communities that allow their properties to devalue due to poor management of landscaping, unmanaged changes to the outside of the homes and a lack of pride in the care of the community facilities, see their individual home values drop precipitously.


A story may help you see what I mean. A few years ago a newspaper editorial commended most truck drivers for using their CB radios in a constructive way. However, it concluded with a warning to those who misuse this means of communication. The writer gave this unforgettable example. In Colorado, several people begged a trucker to free the channel so that they could put through an emergency call, but he refused to cooperate. They wanted to direct a doctor to the scene of a serious accident. An automobile had driven into the rear of a flatbed trailer carrying metal tubing. A piece of pipe had gone through the car's windshield, pinning a woman in the wreckage. The trucker continued to tie up the channel, frustrating all attempts to obtain help. Finally he came upon the scene of the accident himself. To his utter dismay, he discovered that the critically injured person was his own wife! When a doctor did arrive, he said that if he had been notified even ten minutes earlier, the woman's chances for survival would have been much greater.


The truck driver in the story did not realize that his unwillingness to assist others would bring about a terrible sorrow to himself and his family. When we fail to do our part in taking care of our home, and the public areas in our communities, we are actually hurting ourselves and everyone else. Maintaining standards for the care, upkeep, design and function of our community properties makes life more enjoyable, more beautiful and financially it adds value that we will appreciate when we decide to sell or refinance our own property.


Pride in your community is a valuable pride and it is something that must be maintained over a long period of time. We must not become careless in matter of community pride.  To learn more about community pride or issues regarding HOA Management or Condominium Association Management visit this helpful website.