New Year’s Resolutions for the HOA Manager

Property Management Career

With every new year comes the chance for a fresh start and the opportunity to begin anew. New Year’s Day has long been associated with setting resolutions to improve ourselves or our quality of life over the next 12 months. For many HOA property managers, their resolution is to become a better manager in the year to come. This is a noble goal, but how is it achieved?
For starters, becoming a better manager requires you to stay active in the association management community. Taking classes and/or becoming certified is a great way to stay current. It’s important to always be willing to learn more about your chosen profession.
Part of staying current includes looking at the latest technology and seeing how it can help you. As a community manager, an industry-specific software package will not only help improve your resident satisfaction, but can improve employee satisfaction as well. For example, if many of your residents are requesting to pay their dues online, then research the ways that you can accomplish this. Condo Manager offers website integration so that your homeowners can pay their dues and access their financial records right from their community’s website.
At the same time, do members your accounting team lose valuable time because they have to make frequent trips to the bank to make deposits? Condo Manager will integrate with any and all banks in the nation to allow remote deposits and lockbox file imports. This means that you can literally record transactions and make deposits right from your office without the hassle of frequent bank trips. By offer something your competitors don’t, you have an advantage when bidding on management contracts.
These are just a couple of examples of how Condo Manager can better equip you to perform. Another way that Condo Manager helps community managers to work their best is by helping them stay neat and organized. Our software gives community managers complete control of homeowner data. Condo Manager offers you the chance to switch to a paperless system and free yourself from the mountains of paperwork that occupy your workspace. Just think of the money you could save on paper and postage by eliminating unneeded paper from your office. Everything, from violations to work orders and ARC requests, is stored and easily retrieved in our user-friendly system.
Condo Manager allows you to improve your skills and abilities by providing you with the latest technology and features in the industry. Whether you manage a couple of condo buildings with a handful of units or many large communities with several hundred homes, you can improve your service by using Condo Manager. As you consider your strategy for 2013, we recommend taking the time to see what our technology has to offer. You may be surprised to find out just how many features we pack into our software and the effect this can have on your profit margin as we strive for perfection in the coming year.
This article is provided by Condo Manager.