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In an economic time such as the one we are in now, we are conscious of where every dollar goes and how well it is put to use. We clip coupons for the grocery store and if we go out to eat at a restaurant where there are specials for $7.99 – three course meals with an appetizer, entree, and dessert. When all else fails there's a dollar menu at every local fast food chain and store brand paper products. So why, in these economic times, is it reasonable to spend hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars a year on a community association and/or a community association management company?

The answer is simple: maintain property value now, increase property value later. . . and customer service, of course!

When money talks, people listen; it's true. So naturally when you pay $400.00 a year for homeowner's dues to maintain the landscaping at the front entrance of your subdivision, pay the common area utility bills, and keep up the pool maintenance, all of these things seem reasonable. What is hard for homeowners to understand is the reasoning behind having an association management company. Having a management company for a community association is similar to having a manager at a restaurant. Let's say that every table at a restaurant is a home and that every person sitting at that table lives in that home. The whole restaurant is the subdivision. Starting from the inside out, we want to make sure the landscaping is kept manicured and neat and that the paint, wood, and brick look clean and fresh. Once you enter the “subdivision” (remember, we're actually entering a restaurant), if all of the tables were dirty and the salt and pepper shakers were covered in ketchup you might think this was a “hamburger joint” would leave as soon as possible, if you eat here at all. However, if the tables and floors were clean and everything obviously maintained with pride, you might expect the food to be steak and lobster and anticipate paying a lot of money for your meal.

The same facts hold true for a community association. A good management team creates the environment for their customers and employees. Management keeps the employees and tables (the homes) in line and keeps all bills paid and the appearance of the property attractive and appealing. These not-so-small efforts are what make the restaurant/subdivision run smooth. You get what you pay for.

When there is an issue within the restaurant/subdivision concerning exterior appearance or service, the customer can contact management immediately for action. A community association management company focuses its efforts on the optimal appearance of the community and smooth operations of the association. Lawns are well kept, entry way landscaping is timely updated and always maintained, financials are prepared in a timely manner and well organized, and, best of all, one-on-one customer service is only a phone call or email away.

The answer is simple: maintain property value now, increase property value later, and provide extraordinary customer service. Whatever the monthly management fee, (not the entire maintenance fee, just what’s paid to the management company) you can save that much in coupons every month!

Given today’s struggling economy, it is more important than ever to maintain most homeowners’ single most important investment – their homes – by effectively managing their community association. Homeowners may not understand the value and importance of a professional community association management company; however, perhaps the above analogy will serve to assure them that their maintenance fees are being spent wisely and prudently, constantly monitored by both the management company and the board of directors.

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