Why run for your Homeowners Association Board of Directors? Make sure it is the right reason…

HOA Board of Directors

When you consider the amount of time and work those that serve on boards put in you might wonder why they even want to run.   Sometimes they really care about the community and they want to see the investment they have made (the largest most will ever make) increases and grows over time.   But sometimes people who run for election on the community board want power or have an issue they deem so important they must pursue.   The main issue that anyone who serves on a board of directors in an HOA must always consider is fairness and equality.   The decisions you make when you serve your HOA  are very important.  Boards of Directors are required to oversee the budget of the community.  Some HOA's have budgets that exceed several hundred of thousands of dollars.   Boards of Directors make decision on violations and help guide what things can and can't be done on property within the association (within the documents of the community).  Making the decision to be involved in your HOA is great just make sure you being the process with a clear understanding of why you want to serve and how you plan to make a difference.  In the end you have to answer to all the residents of your community and you want to make sure you have good intentions not only at the start but at the end of your service.

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