Association Management Company: Tips for Scheduling Community Meetings

HOA Board Meetings

An association management company can help a homeowner association (HOA) plan, schedule and conduct productive community meetings. By following a few simple suggestions, meetings can come off without a hitch.

  • Scheduling requires more than setting a meeting date. Board directors should schedule backwards from the meeting date to establish the tasks that need to be done. What, when and where do notices need to be provided? Check with the HOA governing documents for all pre-meeting requirements.
  • Community meetings may be subject to state laws. The association management company and board must understand state regulations governing formats, schedules, notices, postings, agendas, time frames, distribution methods and more.
  • All communications prior to the meeting must be clear and accurate, especially if elections are involved.If any errors are contained in meeting communications, results could be contested. Make sure all communications to members are proofed carefully and reviewed by legal counsel.

It’s also important to use the proper medium for communication. For example, e-mail may not be appropriate for some types of meetings.
The association management company and board will need to find the right balance between conducting HOA business and building solid community relations. The goal is to have members feel good about the HOA and want to participate in community activities.