5 Steps to Basic Winter Roofing Care

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shutterstock_158055701Winter can be one of the harshest times of the year for the exterior of your home. Inclement weather, such as the recent Polar Vortex, can cause unwanted wear and tear to homeowners like you. If proper action isn’t taken, this wear and tear can lead to even more of a hassle for homeowners with the need for roof repairs or replacements. However, there are some quick and easy steps that homeowners can take to lengthen the life of their roof. Let’s take a look at a few.
1. Clean your gutters. Make sure that all unwanted materials are cleared from gutters throughout the season. This is especially important before a big storm hits. Routine maintenance will ensure that your gutters stay intact throughout the winter season, despite inclement weather.
2. Regularly inspect the interior of your home. After a heavy snow or ice storm, check your ceiling and baseboards for moisture. Moisture is one of the major visible signs that your roof has a leak – regular inspection will ensure that you catch the leak quickly before the damages become costly.
3. Prevent ice-damming. Do you have icicles forming on your home? This is also known as ice-damming. While they may add a decorative, winter feel to your home, they are actually a sign of improper ventilation. Before you start to notice ice-damming on your home make sure to call a certified contractor to complete an inspection.
4. Keep the heat in your home. Proper insulation will ensure that the heat stays inside your home. And with the extreme temperatures we’ve been experiencing lately, you definitely want to make sure you keep in as much heat as possible! As an added bonus, proper insulation will even cut down on your energy bills.
5. Hold off on repairs. Freezing temperatures, snow and rain fall can significantly affect the quality of work on your home. Contractors who attempt to perform maintenance in these harsh conditions can leave homeowners with ruptured materials or even adhesive failure. If you’re not sure, ask your contractor!
Bonus Tip: Mark your calendars now for roof cleaning and maintenance before next winter is here. A freshly cleaned roof and maintenance will make sure that your roof is in tip-top condition while helping to prevent wear and tear.
By: Feazel