Your HOA Property Management Company Website: Perception is reality



In 2010 having an online presence is not just a Need, it is a Must – because on the web Perception is Reality!


Your website is the launch pad for introducing your company to untold numbers of existing and potential clients. For HOA Management Companies and Condo Management Companies these are exciting days. Why? Because your company manages thousands of homes in your target market, thousands of potential clicks and impressions are available on the web for your company. This is only true, however, if you have a website presence that can clearly and memorably impress visitors who visit your site. You have the ability to share a story and show your forward thinking, cutting edge approach to business each time someone visits your website. BUT, you must have the right kind of web presence to make that first and lasting impression on clients.

You see, many HOA and Condo Management Companies have poorly built, out-dated and "template looking" websites. Many property management companies decide to adopt the same website service. For this reason they look very vanilla and unimpressive. These websites are functional but lack the features and customization that is required to impress clients and grow the bottom line. Some property managers have taken the leap, have hired and retain professional graphic and web design companies in order to produce not only functional websites but those that leave a positive and effective impression.


Here are a few things you should consider when you think about your website:

·         Does it in anyway match what others in your industry and area currently have online?

·         Does it leave a lasting impression and stand out from the crowd?

·         Does it have cutting edge technology features like chat, on-line payments and click to call?

·         Do the graphics and images on the website feel rich and glossy? (Overused Stock Photos are a prime example of poorly designed websites.)

·         Has your website been optimized for search engines to increase your traffic and visibility?

·         Do you have and maintain a well executed blog with news and interesting stories that will increase your visibility?

·         Have you integrated social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, etc.) to help drive traffic and spread your company’s message?

·         Do you have frequent updates that keep the message on your website fresh and interesting?

Most property management business owners have two major problems being able to address the above concerns: Time and Money. In the website and graphic industry you have three choice: Good, Fast or Cheap. You can only select two. Although you can't create more time, you can set aside a solid budget that will allow your company to retain a professional resource who can assist you in building a website you can be proud of and one that will bring positive results to your bottom line.


Take a moment to consider all the information provided here and then don't wait, make a plan and move quickly to get your company ahead of the game when it comes your business perception on the web. Believe it or not, Perception is Reality when it comes to how existing and potential clients view you and your business!


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