Things Your Board Should Look At Each Year


Managers and boards should always maintain an annual calendar of important events that take place every year like tree trimming, fire inspections, insurance renewals, etc. However, there are many other important items that should also be included in a community’s annual calendar.
We have provided a list of recommended items that your manager and board should consider reviewing at least once a year. By putting these items on an annual calendar, you can avoid overlooking any of these and can make sure that your community stays on track from year to year.

  • If your community is classified as “Housing for Older Persons” be sure to confirm that recent sales and leases in the last 12 months still put you at a minimum of 80 percent occupancy by someone age 55 or older.
  • Review all vendor contracts and discuss work quality, expiration dates, and any automatic renewal clauses.
  • Review all tenant leases to determine their renewal dates and revisit discussions concerning nuisance tenants.
  • Review any safety and security issues that may have cropped up throughout the year to ensure the continued safety of your residents and guests.
  • Review your community’s disaster preparation and recovery plan and confirm that everyone understands his or her individual role in carrying out that plan.
  • If your board governs a condominium association, the required Frequently Asked Question and Answer sheet needs to be reviewed at least annually to ensure accuracy.
  • If your community issues vehicle ID stickers, gate remote controls, key fobs or other access/entry devices, re-confirm that inactive devices have been disabled.
  • If you have approved pets, service or emotional support animals,  review those cases annually. Sometimes previous service animals are retired from service. This may occur more often in condominium communities or 55+ communities.
  • An annual rules and regulations review is always a good idea to ensure that rules are being routinely and uniformly enforced.

Remember the saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Board members and managers should be proactive in adding the above items to their community’s annual calendar.
By Association Times