Have An HOA Election On The Horizon?


How Condo Manager Makes Board Elections Manageable

Condo Manager was built by professionals with experience in the association management industry. Our extensive background helps us craft our software to automate as many management tasks as possible. This includes making elections for an association’s Board of Directors as painless as possible. Our software contains all the tools you need for your HOA board elections:

  • The ability to track homeowner information, such as who is on the Board of Directors.
    Condo Manager allows you to not only store, but easily recall any piece of information for a homeowner or an association. You can easily see who’s currently on the board and who is running for various positions.

  • The ability to print customized ballots
    Condo Manager will generate election ballots for you to print, whether you’re holding an anonymous election or you need individualized ballots. This is much more cost-effective than outsourcing your ballots.

  • Calculating the percentage of ownership for voting homeowners
    In many condominium associations, not all homeowners hold the same about of ownership. This means that some residents’ votes weigh more heavily than others. With Condo Manager, you can easily manage even the most complex of elections.

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By Condo Manager