How to deal with a noisy neighbor?

HOA Noise Rules and Regulations

When you are living in a condominium, having a noisy neighbor can be trying, especially since neither you nor your neighbor(s) are likely to be moving away any time soon.  However, if you take the right steps at the point that you notice a problem, you are mostly likely to come to a satisfactory resolution in a relatively short period of time.
The necessary steps are progressive, and although there are laws that cover extreme cases, each condo or homeowners association is different, meaning there is no single solution to quelling a noisy neighbor. Start by writing down each time your condo neighbor is noisy. Record dates and times, and what the noise sounded like.  You should also note who you spoke to about the issue along with the content of every conversation in that regard.
The next stage is dealing with a noisy neighbor will probably be the most difficult, yet it will be the most fundamental.  If you appear in a courtroom for some reason, you will be asked if you took this step.  Namely, you will need to politely go and express your concerns to your neighbor.  In many cases, your neighbor won’t know that they have offended you with the noise and will apologize to you upon being made aware of it.  However, in some cases, they may be unconcerned or even resistant that you brought it to their attention. Again, make a note of this in your documentation.
This lack of attention to the issue on your neighbor’s part should not mean that you should just plan to live with the noise.  If the problem persists, you will have to attend to the next stage in the process, which is to talk to your condo development association.  This is what the association is for, and one of the typical issues that arises, requiring resolution by means of more than a letter, phone call or casual conversation.
This is where your documentation will serve you well.  The good thing is that you will have dates and times that you encountered the noise and each time you spoke with your noisy condo neighbor and development association.  Taking the issue to this level will resolve your problem.  In the extreme case that it does not, it may be time to speak with your attorney who will guide you through the next steps.  Regardless of what those next steps are, your documentation will be the key in helping you to resolve this issue to your satisfaction.
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