Home Security & The Evolution of Security in America (IF only, or… I’m Glad I did)


Home Security & The Evolution of Security in America (IF only, or… I’m Glad I did)

What and why are some of the ways and reasons that Americans are currently protecting their homes, families, communities, rights, and possessions here in American Society in 2013?
As we move further into the upcoming year of of the new year 2014, Americans may want to step back and evaluate the security measures that they have taken for their current situation.
Because this post is a non-biased post on home security and the evolution thereof, I will speak very factual and suggest some measures that you may want to consider as we continue to live, prosper, and be free from all threats that seek to destroy our homes, families and nations.
I did not move into to much detail in this particular infographic as to what exactly is threatening our security, but rather how certain establishments were founded and why they were founded.  We currently live in a society that is extremely abundant with many different kinds of opportunities and freedoms that we enjoy daily.  If you went on a beautiful walk with your spouse, and/or animal recently, you must realize that this is a freedom that was earned. If you swam in a beautiful lake, river, or ocean, did you stop to think about how you have protected the boat, the toys, and the land that you reside on? Are you someone who currently understands security as a whole?


Are you protected? I ABSOLUTELY do not want to help you become aware of these things through fear. Fear is the opposite emotion of love. Fear is wrong and is tactic used by others to take what they want, when they want.


Because I truly believe that fear is not the form of awareness that we need, many people may fall into a state of bliss, or even a false state of protection and security.  I want to illustrate this point with a simple story that happened to me as a young man in the Boy Scouts of America foundation when I was merely around the approximate age of 12 years old.
As a young man, I was very curious.  (: I am not sure if the kind of curiosity that I experienced was the pretty universal, nor do I claim that you may have been the same.  However, I do not see what happened to me and my experience with a false sense of security that I had conjured up in my mind as a boyscout.
It was a beautiful summer week when this happened to me. I was heavily involved in the Boy Scouts Program and was preparing for a Father & Sons campout trip with the community leaders and their families as well.  I was very blessed to have a father who truly understood survival.
My father (Aiano) is a full Samoan, United States Green Beret Captain Commander and also very aware of my needs at the time.  ( I know that having him as my father was pretty awesome and I always generally felt secure just because he was my dad)
When I was around the age of 11 1/2 I experienced my first broken bone in a trampoline accident.  I had surgery on my right arm and had to have protruding metal pins that held my right humeral head and humerus together and in place while healing.  I had to clean these pins regularly, and had to make sure that I was taking security measures to protect my broken arm during therapy.
The doctor told me that I was okay to go on the father-and-sons camping trip as long as I stayed in the general vicinity of camping grounds and did not wander off with the other boys to play games etc.. In my mind I truly believed I was safe and that now that the pins were in place and I had a sling to support my arm, I did not need to listen to this recommendation given to me by my doctor.
After a very long hike (which had to have been 5 hours or more) to what we called “Kings Peak” we set up camp for the evening and while no one was around to watch me, I could not take the sight of the other boys playing without me.  So I went ahead and chose to play with them.  Running through very rough terrain and obstacles was just something I didn’t pay attention to. I didn’t heed the many warnings that I know would jeopardize my inability to NOT play with the other Boy Scouts.  As we played whatever game it was, (which I can’t remember) I tripped on a rock and fell directly on my right arm pins and arm that was there to protect me. As you can imagine, the shock set in before the pain and I was stunned.  Laying on the ground I watched as no one noticed me and I lay lifeless on the mountains rocks and dirt. I began to scream in agony and was eventually noticed by one of the troop leaders.
The thoughts going through my head as a 12 year old boy were not what I am thinking as I look back on this occasion. My thoughts then were more like these: “AHHHHH. now I can’t play! .. Now I can’t have fun! ” My thoughts now were so childish and amateur. As I look back now, I think, “IF ONLY I had listened to my doctor.” IF ONLY. IF ONLY.
Luckily through this experience my dad carried my 5 or more hours on his back all the way back to the vehicles so that I could go to the doctors and have them readjust my broken bone.  I lay there sobbing the whole way while my dad comforted me.  My dad is truly an American Hero as well as my own Hero.


I had felt a false sense of security because I thought things were okay. I felt as though I would be fine and didn’t anticipate tripping on a rock.  Even thought there were multiple signs and warnings that I had ignored because of my false sense of bliss, I chose to ultimately “DO NOTHING” and restrain myself from heeding these warning signs that ultimately put me in a world of shock and pain.
I think you see where I am going with this, but truly I would hope that there are those who are AWARE and are choosing to do something about their own security in their home, transportation, and community lifestyles.
Don’t be the “IF ONLY’s” of this world and nation. Wake up and through love and empowering perseverance, be the “I’m Glad I did’s”
RhinoRock.com is an avenue that can truly help you prevent the “IF ONLY” scenarios that are staring us in the face.  There are many people, companies, organizations, and organizations that can help you, but ultimately it isn’t about whether or not you should install a cement wall or security system etc.. to protect your loved ones. The reasoning is more of a I love my country, family, and community so I chose to DO SOMETHING.


Now I know that preppers in general take a lot of heat from their delusional conspiracy theories and there over-zealous behaviors, and though I don’t claim to be a full-time prepper, I am one thing. I am an Eagle Scout and believe you me, I AM PREPARED.
Thanks for your consideration and attentiveness.
Much Love..
-Kristian Aaron Gali
Online Marketing Director for RHINOROCK.com