Factors For Developers To Consider When Choosing A Professional Community Management Organization

HOA Management Companies

Finding the best qualified community management company is no easy feat. To help developers narrow the field, we’ve compiled a list of the top five questions you should ask each prospective candidate.

  1. How do you assist developers with community documents and budgetary issues?
    A community management company should alleviate the stress of dealing with budgets.
  2. How do you develop a great neighborhood?
    Every developer wants to create a strong community.  A good candidate will have a unique vision that can help a developer reach its goals.
  3. How do you create a physical environment that promotes a sense of community?
    Neighbors need safe, comfortable spaces to meet each other.  A community manager needs to take into consideration the quality and quantity of physical meeting areas to ensure the neighborhood fosters the highest levels of neighbor participation.
  4. How do you keep neighborhoods safe?
    The most important feature of any community is safety.  If a family doesn’t feel safe living their daily lives, the neighborhood will never maintain a sense of community.  A professional community manager should have experience establishing safety measures like block watches and raising awareness.
  5. How do you encourage homeowner participation in the HOA?
    A strong community management company will know how to encourage member involvement and ensure their participation is productive.  This involvement is critical for HOA success.  A 2012 Community Associations Institute (CAI) survey found 70% who live in HOA communities rated their experience as positive.

Provided by AAM LLC