Should You Be Aware Of Super Liens?

HOA Finance

Having a lien placed on your home is never pleasant, but when a super lien is placed, it seems unbearable. A lien automatically attaches to a property when the owner hasn’t paid the monthly fees or assessments for their homeowners association. A super lien is a much higher priority, it is similar to a property tax lien. Oddly enough, only a select few of states allow super liens. We have listed all the states that enforce super liens, does your state fit in this category?

Alabama               Rhode Island
Alaska                  Washington
Colorado              District of Columbia
Connecticut         Florida
Minnesota            Massachusetts
Nevada                New Jersey
West Virginia       Oregon
Pennsylvania       New York
There are 16 states in America that have laws stating when an HOA assessment lien becomes a super lien. Some gain this title after six months of delinquent assessments. When a property has a super lien, it can enter into a foreclosure. Once the lien turns into a foreclosure, a lender usually pays off the super-lien to preserve the home position and cause the foreclosure to stop.
Some say a super lien is unnecessary and harsh for homeowners, when in all reality, they help preserve the value of the community. Super liens make sure homeowners associations receive the right amount of assessments to maintain their community. Any late notice or insufficient funds are important and need to be paid, this helps keep the community’s worth high and acceptable for all other homeowners in the association.
By Condo Manager