HOA Management: The Five Most Significant Challenges Facing American Neighborhoods

Condominium Associations

For successful HOA management, every board member must pay attention to certain trends impacting communities.  AAM noticed these unsetting trends throughout its communities and decided to conduct a in-depth research study.  The new report unveiled a wealth of information board members must consider in their HOA management plans.
Challenge #1 Affecting HOA Management:  The Traditional Stereotypes May No Longer Hold True
According to the AAM study, today’s families still value home ownership.  The study found more than 70% of HOA homeowners surveyed believe the American Dream includes buying a home.
Challenge #2 Affecting HOA Management:  A More Diverse Population and Living Arrangements
According to the AAM study findings, nearly two-thirds of neighbors surveyed indicated they live with a spouse.  Therefore, in Arizona, the AAM respondents bucked the national trend.
Challenge #3 Affecting HOA Management:  A Feeling of Greater Instability among Americans
The AAM study found Arizona homeowners are most anxious about the economy, family and finances.
Challenge #4 Affecting HOA Management:  More Americans Have Become Distracted and Disconnected.
AAM’s study indicated 67% of Arizona respondents believe neighbors affect their happiness somewhat or a lot.
Challenge #5 Affecting HOA Management:  Neighborhood Relationships are Struggling
The AAM study concluded Arizona homeowners primarily expect their HOA board to keep their neighborhood clean, safe and financially solvent. But, they also would like their HOA to help increase positive interactions between neighbors.
AAM’s research report highlights what members must know to survive and even thrive in a complicated environment.
This article is provided by AAM LLC.