Job Description for Your Association President

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Serve in the role of HOA president is not an easy job. It is one that requires exemplary leadership skills in chairing meetings. Many HOA is registered as nonprofit corporations and, in turn, the president can be considered as the CEO of the company (which serves, of course, on a voluntary unpaid leave). Perhaps most importantly, he or she is elected by members to serve the community and elected by the council to lead the board through difficult situations and decisions.
Many mistakenly believe that the president’s role is to take the initiative and make the tough decisions. I would say it is their role to help guide the process of discussion board for the board to make the tough decisions. A good president will follow the agenda and keep the board meetings running on time and efficiency. A great president will do all the above, while ensuring that each board member has a voice at the table. The determination of the thoughts and ideas of quieter members of the board and ensure that their thoughts are “heard” by board members. Parliamentary procedure, if followed, can help the president successfully presiding over a meeting where important issues are introduced, discussed and decided.
It is also the chairman’s role to propose the agenda of the meeting of the board. He / she will be on the basis of the outstanding issues inherited from previous meetings and new issues that have arisen since the last board meeting. The President may call the agenda for several weeks before the meeting and then compare the evidence presented to critical business meeting. While the secretary is responsible for creating and give due notice of meetings of the council, the president’s role is to ensure that critical issues find their way to the agenda.
Delegation is also critical. Everyone seems more engaged in these days and find people to step and volunteer can be almost impossible. A great leader has the ability to ask others to take on a task or responsibility.
Finally, the president also must preside over the annual membership meeting. This can be much more difficult for Council meetings based simply on the large number of attendees. He or she must find the delicate balance of allowing members to talk about issues at the appropriate times. What ensures that members of the majority of the members do not “run out the clock“, leaving no time for others to be heard.
There are many natural leaders, but most people are not born with all the knowledge needed to serve effectively as president. It takes practice, time and effort to develop them. Do not be discouraged if each meeting is not perfect. Do your best and keep working on the development of style and leadership. The end result will be rewarding.
Is your board is asleep? Does it understand the true scope of Board Member work?
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