Community Associations: More Than Just A Name

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Creating A True Community

With the vast majority of new housing being built in planned communities, more people than ever are moving into community associations. Without a doubt, living in a community association has some great benefits. Perhaps one of the greatest advantages is the sense of belonging that comes with owning a home in a true community.
Developing a sense of community and ownership for members of an HOA is something that takes work. You’re trying to turn neighbors into friends, and that’s not always easy . However, if you take the time to reach out and engage the members of your community, you may be surprised at the results you achieve. One way to prepare new homeowners for a successful integration into the community is to distribute welcome packets upon arrival. Be sure to include items such as a welcome letter from the community leaders, basic neighborhood rules, and contact information for board members.
Ongoing communication between the community leaders and residents is key to the success of your association. Homeowners that are not aware of new developments in the community can feel “out of the loop” and disconnected. Of course, no one wants to feel left out, which is why you want to make it easy for everyone to get access to information. In the digital age in which we live, this means making it easy for homeowners to find HOA information on the internet. Having an updated and relevant website can help your homeowners stay connected and up-to-date on current events. You could take this a step further by posting a calendar on your association website that lists the activities taking place.
There are some other great steps to take to promote involvement within a homeowners association. One of the most basic ways to get started is to plan community events in which everyone can participate. The most basic of these events is an annual meeting, in which homeowners can come together and catch up on the year’s events. You can take this a step further by organizing community yard sales, cookouts, and block parties. These are all designed to engage residents and strengthen the ties between them. If your community seems to have a hard time organizing events, try forming a committee to do it.
Establishing a neighborhood watch not only helps fight crime, but it brings together members of the community under common interest of everyone’s safety. An effective neighborhood watch benefits everyone and is a great way to reach out to homeowners. By educating and engaging your homeowners, you can successfully create a strong sense of belonging. In this way, a community is formed in the truest sense of the word.
The management companies on the HOA Management (.com) directory have been time-tested to go the extra mile to create this sense of community. These companies excel at everything from distributing welcome packets to planning community events to updating the association website.  If you feel that your HOA doesn’t have the sense of community that you’d like it to, we encourage you to search our website for a qualified association management company in your area. Having an experienced and understanding management company can make the difference between living in a block of homes and being part of a true community.
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