An Examination of the Benefits of Pre-Construction Services

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There are numerous challenges for managers in the world of Multi Family Housing. Likewise,  there are also many challenges for the contractors who serve them. Uncertainty, bidding costs, and skyrocketing ancillary costs are many of these. There are also many ways to alleviate some of the challenges inherent with construction defects and repairs by enlisting the assistance of a qualified General Contractor, and to facilitate conception and launch of many community repair projects. CBI-Collins Builders, Inc. is one of the most experienced HOA construction companies in Orange County who will provide you with valuable insight, experience, honest evaluations, and reputable guidance.
What are Pre-Construction Services?
Pre-Construction Services are: interviews, site inspections, feasibility studies, sustainable reengineering, architectural design, preliminary drawings, plans and submittals, permit investigation, product evaluations, engineering, geo-engineering, specification writing, and the list goes on. Planning and research is essential in this phase because it is the pre-construction phase. It is the due diligence that needs to be done before any investment is made. So before your BOARD goes out to bid for work that has no clearly defined scope, PLEASE consider contracting with CBI for Pre-Construction Services. The cost is a small percentage of the overall cost of the job but gives you the most peace of mind. Having an expert define your scope and specifications and provide the design, will provide the most effective, accurate, relevant, and timely bids. The proverbial Apples to Apples.
Importance of Apples to Apples
Vendors spend hours measuring, photographing, pricing, describing and writing proposals that may never get approved. Even the vendor pricing has to get pricing so the butterfly effect is inevitable. Unless you are in the business of asking your vendor contacts to simply provide you with “that 3rd bid”, hopefully this article will shed some light on the amount of time that goes into preparing a proposal—ESPECIALLY with no clearly defined scope of work. Without a clearly defined budget and scope of work, it is just a gamble to determine the amount of work that needs to be done and then to compete against the low cost bidder who just wants to “get the job” and then nickel and dime you with change orders. The high cost of these risky gambles is certainly passed off to the end user at some point before completion.
Many vendors have pricing tables built in to their system that make delivering proposals that have clearly defined specs much less of a gamble and strain on resources. Having specifications that the HOA Board, community, and management have aligned themselves with — BEFORE going out to bid would ease the strain and confusion for your vendors and inevitably would lower the costs of the industry. Why, because you will have eliminated much of the uncertainty that comes with the bidding process. Uncertainty has a price.
Alignment = Agreement
One fine Sunday just a few short weeks ago, a Pastor delivered a powerful sermon on the topic of alignment and agreement. The message examined the similarities and differences inherent with each of these terms. The interesting part of this equation is that we all don’t necessarily have to agree with someone else’s opinion. Certainly not to the last gritty detail. But in the interest of our communities and families, and churches, and social groups, it is the alignment that matters more. The unity of a shared vision and common goal is, in effect, an agreement on the success of any given project. Let the accountants and lawyers settle the gritty details. Stay above it and stay happy.
This article is provided by Accell Property Management and was submitted by CBI-Collins Builders, Inc.